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  So you are ready to sell or upgrade your property in Tenerife? Property Consultants Nexus Inmobiliarias  Tenerife  
  All I need to do is put up a "Se Vende" sign on the wall outside the property and the prospective buyers will come flooding in!    
  Well that is partially true, but the foot traffic you will be inviting into your home could just be that. People who want to have a look around, they may not even be in the market to buy, but just interested in what you have in your home!    
  Even worse they may be interested in your security and contents for more sinister reasons, nothing better than a guided tour! If they just ring your doorbell and ask to see the property, are you going to invite them into your property with the hope they will buy it, or who will check  their credentials?    
  So why choose Nexus Inmobiliarias to sell your property?  
  • Firstly your property. We are able to give you a close market value, sometimes it may not be as much as you want, but we will use all our experience and value your property realistically. If your property is priced outside the expected price band it can well put prospective clients off viewing.
  • All marketing and advertising of your property is carried out for you, using our network of media and web sites, Nexus Estate Agent services and marketing will reach a huge audience for you. All photos and descriptions are managed on your behalf. Our web site visitor statistics will reveal interest in your property from the visitors recorded.
  • Prospective Clients are all met by a Nexus Consultant prior to making any property viewing appointment with you. Part of that meeting is to assess their interest in your property, their financial commitment to be able to buy your property, and their actual interest. This process usually excludes those potential clients who either have no intent to buy, or are financially unable to complete the transaction.
  • Prior to the Client seeing your property, we are usually able to get "agreement in principle" from a financial institution for any mortgage necessary. This is usually a bank, and clients can obtain a mortgage in principle necessary for properties up to a defined value. There is nothing worse than getting to agreement to purchase with a buyer, for them to need to back out as they cant raise a mortgage.
  • Nexus will make all arrangements and appointments for viewing at suitable times, and manage any key holding and access issues. Language issues between you and the prospective Buyer are dealt with by our multi-lingual Consultants.
  • Nexus will coordinate with your solicitor, the banks, and the buyers solicitor to ensure all runs smoothly, and timescales are met.


  • We will do all this on your behalf, now isn't that a load off your mind!



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