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So you are ready to buy that property in Tenerife?

We all have a vision of "a place in the sun" a property we have always wanted. You have been onto the website and selected a few properties to investigate further. One of the most important criteria is affordability, we all have a top spend limit, but there are so many more important criteria to consider.

The day has arrived and you are ready to discuss it with your personal advisor at Nexus Inmobiliarias the Estate Agent in Tenerife.

As soon as you get sat down, the questions they ask are sometimes far reaching, and you realise you may not have considered some key areas, so lets get the questions to you before you try to make the decision on what properties you wish to view.

buying property in Tenerife Nexus Inmobiliarias

  Here we go!
  • Are you looking for a property to live in on a permanent basis, to occupy just part of the year, or an investment for rental?
  • Apartments usually come in buildings of several floors, do you need a ground floor, or perhaps a penthouse? Will a lift be essential, perhaps not now but when you get older?
  • Do you want a stand alone property, a house or villa?
  • If there is "rustic land" near your property, how will this affect you if it is built on, as may well happen?
  • Is the property situated on a through road and how heavy is the traffic especially at night? The road may be a cul-de-sac at the moment but could it be opened up to take traffic later.
  • Look around for environmental issues, is the rubbish collected daily? Importantly are the "basura" collection points near to your property? It is normally collected in the early hours, and the workers are not too worried about the noise they make! Is the property situated near to a sewage treatment plant, and which way is the prevailing wind?
  • In what areas are you looking?
  • If you buy inland, does the sun clear the cloud that hangs around the mountain, is it important for sun in the morning or afternoon?
  • Do you want to buy in a residential area i.e. not many tourists, or indeed a tourist area, usually located closer to the sea.
  • Is it important to have shops close by?
  • Night life is enjoyed by some and not others, is there likely to be noise from the night life? (most close at midnight except in the disco areas which can carry on until 5.00am). Some Clients tour the area or the property at night to judge for themselves the noise levels.
  • Properties grouped around a community swimming pool can be noisier during the day with children playing. In the evenings we all like to have windows and patio doors open and normal family noise transmits, sounds from televisions and music centres etc.
  • If you are becoming a resident, what health facilities do you need, are you close to the hospitals.
  • If you have children, what are the schooling requirements.
  • Is it a new complex, is there a community in place, or an existing community where you can speak to the President regarding plans for the community and importantly, are the community fees for your proposed property paid up to date.
  Now you get to the basic questions, probably the ones you initially thought of:
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need as a minimum? It may well be possible to buy a property with more than your minimum requirement in a similar price range.
  • Do you need a garage and for how many cars? On street parking in the tourist areas is at a premium, and in some areas non-existent, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to park close to your own property and find all the spaces taken.
  •  Private pools are great, but need regular upkeep, weekly in some cases? Community pools are usually looked after by the Community and included in your monthly fee to the community.
  We suggest you print this list, add your own specific requirements and drop into Nexus estate agency in Tenerife for a full property search to match your requirements. You can find us here: Nexus Inmobiliarias Tenerife
  You won't satisfy all your wishes from the list, but the questions when answered will allow you to "score" each of the properties.


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